A Generous Spirit

Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  John Card Number 19  -  Fri, Apr 5, 1991 1:36 AM

This is a response to VC 19 Stuart 1 ("Just thinking. . .")...

I would like to say something in behalf of "genuistic", wonderfully and often seemingly impractically creative people everywhere.

I probably would have gone to my grave or some equivalent cubicle long ago were it not for the occasional words of support from generous spirits like Stuart. It's not easy being an impractical person in a practical world. So I rely heavily on my friends. That is the spirit behind the whole ponarvian movement and the primary reason for Archipelago.

It is worth noting that the very people who are able to find something of value in the works of suffering ponarvians are, themselves, genuistic and wonderfully impractical. What could be more impractical than lending support to other impractical people?

Thank you, Stuart.