Cliff Stoll Responds!

Voice Card  -  Volume 19  -  John Card Number 9  -  Wed, Apr 3, 1991 3:39 AM

One of the advantages of this America on Line contraption is the chance to meet interesting people. It turns out that Cliff Stoll, the author of the book I just reviewed (The Cuckoo's Egg), is a member of AOL. So I decided to send him a note along with part of the book review. And he wrote me back the next day! Here is what he said:

Date: 91-04-02 21:00:27 EST
From: CliffStoll
Subj: Re: Book Review
To: JohnCartan

Hi John, Yow! Many thanks for your delightful book review! I'm floored: being compared to Tom Clancy. (grinning from ear to ear here)

Programming in Montana? On the Mac, I hope! (This mac plus is 5 years old, and it's paid its dues in C code, hacker tracking, book writing, and AOL communications...)

Zooks - I just reread your review... Enough to make this author blush. Thanks. Real thanks...

From across AOL and across the continent, my smiles and cheers to you. Thanks again for brightening my mailbox...