Baby Growth

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  Drury Card Number 1  -  Mon, May 6, 1991 8:08 PM

This is for Larry and Diane - our proud new parents!


I like John's suggestion of an voice card per issue, documenting Kristin's growth. As you probably noticed, few of us have children of our own.

Anything you write about will undoubtedly be fascinating. I know I will find baby stories captivating, if only in helping me pick appropriate gifts for the children of my friends and family!

Recently I purchased the cutest little pillows to hold baby teeth for the "tooth fairy", only to discover that children don't start losing teeth until around six! The gifts were intended for three year olds. Oh well.

Besides, Archipelago baby cards will be a document you can cherish for years. "See Kristin, voice card 3, volume 25 is where you learned to sit-up and say 'doggy'. I look forward to the Baby card tree!