Party Down

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  Drury Card Number 9  -  Mon, May 20, 1991 11:55 AM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 19 John 14 ("The Ultimate Party")...

I think you will find most cruise ships just perfect for the ultimate party. The ships are so large, it takes a very nasty storm to feel any of the rocking and rolling of sea sickness. Peking duck would be just one of many entrees offered four to five times a day. I am also sure that wiffle ball could be the offical sport of our cruise.

I have never heard a discouraging word or report from the many cruises my grandparents and friends have sailed. There was always something for everyone plus exciting locations to disembark and explore. A cruise would offer something to everyone in our group, from a young family with child, to eating extravaganzas, to sports (people watching, wiffle ball, Olympic diving), to all night partying (and luscious buffets served at 2am) and of course, visiting somewhere in the world. I vote for Australia, but a cruise around South America with stops at the Galapagos and Rio would be fine also.

Besides, when would you ever go on a cruise if not with us Archipelagans.

One possible alternative is to spend a late summer, early fall in Teton Village. Visits to the national parks, summer concerts, excellent food, and hunting huckleberries are all available.