Suggestion Box

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  John Card Number 1  -  Mon, Jun 24, 1991 12:11 AM

This is ONE OF 5 responses to VC 19 John 1 ("Suggestion Box")...

The big news this time is that the seagulls are finally dead! The vote was one in favor of seagulls, three against. So for now the Archipelago stack consists of a single (quiet) card.

As soon as I come back to earth and find a little time, I will incorporate this single card into the transit stack, thus eliminating the need for an Archipelago stack altogether. This will involve adjusting all the Archipelago buttons in all the archive stacks and re-releasing those stacks. Stay tuned.

Other than that, I haven't gotten much done programming-wise this time. I did find a workaround to Paul's scrolling field problem (see VC 20 John 19). There are still SEVERAL bugs loose somewhere and I will try to swat them next time. Please keep those bug reports coming in.