Capturing Pictures

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  John Card Number 10  -  Mon, Jun 10, 1991 2:27 AM

This is a response to VC 20 Larry 15 ("Wonderful!!")...


Yes! You CAN lasso that picture of Kristin (or any other voice card picture) and use it for your own nefarious purposes. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the appropriate card and, if necessary click to the left of the reply boxes to make the picture visible.
  2. Choose "Menubar" from the Menu button's popup menu, or type space to make the menubar appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Under the TOOLS menu you will see a pallette of tool icons. Select the first icon on the second row, the one that looks like a rectangle drawn with a dotted line.
  4. Move the cursor (which should now appear as a dotted line crosshair), to the upper left-hand corner of the picture and DRAG over and down to the lower right-hand corner of the picture. A rectangle should now "shimmer" around the picture.
  5. Choose "Copy Picture" from the Edit Menu (or just type C).
  6. Open your scrapbook from under the apple menu.
  7. Type V to PASTE the picture into your scrapbook. From now on you can open your scrapbook from inside any program and copy and paste your picture at will.
  8. From under the TOOLS menu select the browse tool, the pointing finger at the left of the top row. You may now go about your business.
As always, give me a call if anything goes wrong. And have fun with Kristin's picture!