The End of an Era

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  John Card Number 31  -  Sun, Jun 23, 1991 8:37 PM

Well, gang, it has finally happened. Command Central is moving from the idyllic countryside into the big city. Rest assured, however, that Archipelago will continue bigger and better than ever!

Tomorrow morning, Monday June 24, 1991, I am going to empty my meager possessions into my car and head south. After a brief pause in Idaho Falls to finish some programming obligations, I will proceed through Salt Lake to what Betsy calls "Condo Hell" in Laguna Hills (just south of LA), arriving July 1st.

Betsy's roommate, Julie, has kindly agreed to put up with me while Betsy and I look for a place of our own. We will probably be moving a little closer to the city, say Long Beach. Meanwhile, I will be frantically looking for a job.

We hope to be settled into a new place before the end of July. You will notice that I have sent out all of the packets WITHOUT a return address. As soon as I HAVE a return address I will call each and every one of you. For all practical purposes, you will have all of July to examine and respond to issue 20 (which is just as well since it's the biggest issue in Archipelago history!).

Betsy will probably not join Archipelago as a separate member, but will look over my shoulders and contribute from time to time. I am hoping that the programming I did last fall as part of the Archipelago 2.0 upgrade will make my job as editor simple enough so that I can sustain my Mr. Wizard columns, etc.


I will, of course, keep you all posted as the big wedding draws near. The tentative date is May 24, 1992 (in the midst of the Memorial Day Weekend) and the wedding will be held in South Bend, Indiana. I hope you will ALL be able to make it. I am looking forward to a major Archipelago Congress with all the attendant merrymaking.

ALSO, Paul is already at work planning some kind of stag party for our male members. (I'm sure the ladies will be invited to whatever drunken Bacchanal Betsy's friends, some of whom are rather uninhibited, decide to throw.) I believe there will be some high stakes poker at the stag party, and Paul has promised to jump out of the cake himself if need be!

In case of emergency, my temporary phone and address in Laguna Hills can be found by consulting my member card. Expect to hear from me before the end of July. And get ready! Issue 21 will usher in the dawn of a new era!