Our First Date

Voice Card  -  Volume 20  -  John Card Number 4  -  Thu, May 30, 1991 4:00 PM

This card contains a transcript of my first "date" with Betsy. It's rather personal, but essentially innocent, and I have Betsy's permission to share it with you.

First, a few notes: The transcript begins rather abruptly in the midst of a conversation Betsy and I were having in a public room. I normally don't record my conversations, but something about Betsy prompted me to switch on the log. Everyone else had already left so when the log begins we are alone in the room. Eventually, several other people wandered in, and I sent an "instant message" to Betsy inviting her into a private room. She accepted and we relocated; the rest of the transcript takes place in that private room.

The transcript should be fairly easy to follow. Each "spoken" line is preceded by the speaker's screen name, either "JohnCartan" or "BzMouse." Because we are often both typing at the same time and sending our comments in bursts, the dialog can become slightly out of sync so that, for example, Betsy might ask a new question just before I send the answer to a previous question.

Certain abbreviations are common. LOL means "Laugh out Loud." ROFL is "Rolling on Floor Laughing" and ROFLOL is "Rolling on Floor Laughing Out Loud." Facial gestures include a smile :), a sly wink ;), and a kiss :*. Braces {{{{}}}} indicate hugs. Because of the rapid-fire rate of exchange, typos and spelling errors are common. I have not edited or censored the transcript in any way; it appears here exactly as it did that magical night back in April.

You will want to extend the text field to it's full width in order to read the transcript...

4/19/91 2:50:29 AM Opening "America Online Log" for recording.

BzMouse : A lot. Only moved here a little mor than a year ago. Originally from Indiana, but I've lived S & E BzMouse : Visited 34 of 50 states. JohnCartan: You really should come to Montana someday. We could have a grand time! Do you ski and/or hike? BzMouse : Not very well. I do better x-country skis than downhill. I fall down a lot and laugh. Like to hike BzMouse : a bit. BzMouse : <--former camp fire girl JohnCartan: Sounds like me. Used to downhill. Mostly cross country now. Hike just a bit JohnCartan: <--former cubscout. Never made it to boy scout JohnCartan: Are you using a Mac? BzMouse : Well, I can still build fires. ::chuckle:: and I know what poison ivy looks like BzMouse : Mac Classic HD JohnCartan: ah. SE here BzMouse : Same animal, more or less. JohnCartan: indeed BzMouse : What do you write? JohnCartan: I'm working on a fairy tale at the moment JohnCartan: "Dolphin & Melanie" BzMouse : No, really? I love fairy tales BzMouse : You do the illustrations, too? JohnCartan: My theory is that fairy tales are for adults BzMouse : Yes! JohnCartan: Nope. Can't draw. JohnCartan: Eventually I will be looking for an illistrator. Know any? BzMouse : Sure. Friend of mine in Laguna Niguel, which of course is next to Laguna Hills. BzMouse : He does all sorts of commercial art. JohnCartan: really! Maybe we should get together at some point JohnCartan: I will be very finicky about the style of illistration BzMouse : Brian doesn't use a mac though. All by hand JohnCartan: that's ok JohnCartan: Are you unattached at the moment, romantically speaking? BzMouse : He seems to have a pretty wide range of styles. most of what he's done is album covers but also the BzMouse : more fluid type, i guess landscapes, portraits etd BzMouse : Romantically? Yes, I'm unattached. JohnCartan: me too JohnCartan: Still coasting after diasterous relationship several years ago BzMouse : Hard to meet people locally. JohnCartan: Hard! You should try living in a cabin on the continental divide! BzMouse : what, no running water/ JohnCartan: lots of running water! Canyon creek just outside my door! BzMouse : Was hard working nights with strange weekend schedules. JohnCartan: Actually, it's very civilized. Indoor plumbing, microwave, and Mac! BzMouse : You know, flush toilets. BzMouse : ;) JohnCartan: Yes, my hours are strange too. Are you a fellow nite owl? BzMouse : Bears? BzMouse : Still a night owl, even though now I finally have a day job BzMouse : RehiBrad BradH17 : hi again! JohnCartan: hardly any. But a half dozen baby racoons came up to my porch last summer BradH17 : just wandering about............. JohnCartan: also I have two cats: Aristippus and Greymalkin BzMouse : Raccoons are just a nuisance. Had a nightmare about mountain lions. Came from hearing the rangers' BzMouse : lecture at Caspars par BzMouse : k BzMouse : Greymalkin is gray? JohnCartan: occasional mountain lion. But very shy. JohnCartan: yes Greymalkin is gray, Aristippus is black & white BzMouse : The ones here aren't. But then, develoeprs are raising houses all about and invading the territory JohnCartan: Greymalkin is normal, Aristippus is neurotic BzMouse : Nice. BzMouse : My dog is neurotic. JohnCartan: makes life interesting. what kind of dog? BzMouse : collie-lab mix. Kinda golden looking. very pretty but she goes to the doctor more than I do JohnCartan: lol. sounds like a great dog! JohnCartan: I can't abide those little rat dogs BzMouse : she is, mostly. Were you raised in Canyon Creek? JohnCartan: Born in Bozeman, raised in southern Idaho, ten years in Salt Lake (but not mormon) JohnCartan: I'm looking after my deceased grandmothers ranch BzMouse : LOL. My oldest sister lives in Salt Lake. Still. Complains about the Mormons. JohnCartan: yeas, they can be rather wearing JohnCartan: But there are some lively pockets of resistance in Salt Lake :) BzMouse : Well, it ain't easy being non-morman there, much less Jewish JohnCartan: lol. The only place where a jew is a gentile! BzMouse : Deena is a pretty lively pocket of resistance BzMouse : LOL JohnCartan: do you ever visit her there? BzMouse : Did once or twice. JohnCartan: I get down there once or twice a year JohnCartan: do you love chinese food? BzMouse : Well, let's put it this way. When I worked in Conn. , we had takeout once a week. That was 5 years' wo BzMouse : rth. JohnCartan: better and better! :) BzMouse : So after a year's sabbatical, I'm back to eating it. BzMouse : I like the Szechuan JohnCartan: I have dreams of black bean shrimp. Montana is a culinary wasteland! BzMouse : LOL. BzMouse : So where do you go for it? JohnCartan: sometimes I drive 500 miles just for a good meal! BzMouse : LOL BzMouse : 10 hours is a long way JohnCartan: Salt Lake is the nearest decent place BzMouse : Good coffee there, too. BzMouse : really. JohnCartan: There is a Vietnamese restaurant there that compares favorably even with CA BzMouse : Rehi, Ron TheRonster: Break time! :) JohnCartan: hi ronster TheRonster: Hi John! TheRonster: {{{Betsy}}} TheRonster: Hi Vaxman! BzMouse : {Ron} TheRonster: Shoot ... hope you two don't mind visitors! :) VAXMAN6 : Hi Ronster ... morning eveyone ... :) JohnCartan: I suppose I should really hit the trail... BzMouse : Had Vietnamese in South Bend once. Pretty good BzMouse : NO! don't go TheRonster: Bz ... you trying for another record? ;) TheRonster: <--- had Vietnamese egg rolls in Michigan BzMouse : Ron, I am the unofficial sales rep for AOL. I try to make everyone stay on as long as possible ;) JohnCartan: Thought that was MY job! TheRonster: LOL! VAXMAN6 : Pushing to that 6AM deadline, huh ... :) TheRonster: Selling the same thing to each other, eh? BzMouse : Kinda like preaching to the converted JohnCartan: Nite all! ********* Transfer to Private Room "Cabin" ********** JohnCartan: Gee, BZ, I hope you realize I don't do this with just anyone! BzMouse : me neither, John. JohnCartan: I didn't think so! BzMouse : And I was in teh women's room earlier, we were trading lines. JohnCartan: Really? Anything you can repeat? BzMouse : which stopped me from writing "want to go to a private room?" JohnCartan: lol JohnCartan: Have you met many interesting men in your time on AOL? BzMouse : Yes. Lots of them are nice. JohnCartan: I imagine you get hit on alot! BzMouse : Very few jerks, though of course those are the ones that make better anecdotes. JohnCartan: lol BzMouse : Sure: "Hi there. Are you into erotic online chat?" JohnCartan: rofl! JohnCartan: and the MorFers! let's not forget them! BzMouse : "Where are the good-looking girls in here?" BzMouse : Morfers? JohnCartan: guys who send IMs asking "Male or Female?" BzMouse : LOL JohnCartan: such questions are known as Morfing BzMouse : Seen that a bit, too. BzMouse : Usually they try themember profile first JohnCartan: I've met several very nice women who all seem to be happily married *sigh* BzMouse : Well, it's a little stranger to meet men who flirt as if they weren't married JohnCartan: yes, I gather there's quite a bit of that! BzMouse : Well, we compare notes and sort out who's who JohnCartan: I must admit to flirting much more than I would in "real life" BzMouse : LOL. Me too. JohnCartan: I wondered what went on in thos womens rooms BzMouse : I think everyone does BzMouse : Hmm. the one I was in, Brad was there hanging out. Not too much happened but we did have a comeon line BzMouse : contest BzMouse : then, when some guys came in and were rude, they got insulted back. JohnCartan: I have met one very interesting single woman. But I'm beginning to lose hope JohnCartan: sounds like fun! BzMouse : What's her screenname? JohnCartan: Patty7 BzMouse : Not Patty9 JohnCartan: nope BzMouse : Hey, she's all the way in NC JohnCartan: you're fast! JohnCartan: yeah, I suppose there's no chance we could ever get together anyway BzMouse : well, sometimes I type fast. lately not quite so coordinated JohnCartan: my typing seems to be sliding a bit also BzMouse : Well, I had a kinda online romance with a guy in NY. JohnCartan: really? BzMouse : Yes. And while I don't find travel impossible, I think it would be an obstacle JohnCartan: yes. I've had long distance relationships before. It's very difficult. JohnCartan: So did you start phoning each other? BzMouse : So what do you do. BzMouse : Yes, talked with him on the phone 3 times. JohnCartan: I'm a writer and a freelance programmer JohnCartan: only 3 times? BzMouse : Sorry, that was a rhetorical question. Hard to tell without voice inflection and I forgot the ::shrug: BzMouse : Only 3 times. JohnCartan: It's rather a delicate situation, trying to meet people this way, isn't it? BzMouse : Well, it's nice. It's definitely a lot "safer" in that you get to know each other's personality and BzMouse : aren't caught up in appearances. BzMouse : But then it becomes a big step to meet in person. JohnCartan: Yes. I find that communicating like this can be strangely intimate BzMouse : Yes. And then it's strange to talk to the same person online and off. BzMouse : I've gone out with RosenNeil a few times, and while essentially he's the same person, he's freer onlin BzMouse : e JohnCartan: yes. So what happened with mr. New York? did you give up first or did he? BzMouse : You met Donz5? JohnCartan: only online BzMouse : that's him. JohnCartan: really. seems like a nice guy BzMouse : Hmm. I think after talking with him last friday, it both hit us at the same time. JohnCartan: talking on the phone, you mean? BzMouse : He's really a sweet guy. What's scary is, we're a lot alike. JohnCartan: why is that scary? BzMouse : talked with him online, then convinced him to stay up a while longer and talked on the phone JohnCartan: why is that scary? BzMouse : Well, it's kind of like looking in the mirror and seeing your twin. only the twin is 9 yers older JohnCartan: that does sound scary JohnCartan: but mightn't that mean you're kindred spirits? BzMouse : But while we're both essentially shy, I'm more likely to take risks than he is. BzMouse : I think we're kindred spirits, yes. JohnCartan: glad to hear it. JohnCartan: glad that you take risks, that is BzMouse : But I think that there are enough differences that we'll now just be close friends. JohnCartan: that's nice too BzMouse : Well, can always use good friends. :) JohnCartan: :) JohnCartan: I think you have to willing to take risks if you ever hope to find real love BzMouse : Definitely looking for true love. Told you I love fairy tales. JohnCartan: Me too! JohnCartan: A great love! That is my life's ambition! BzMouse : :). Sorry I don't know anyone in Montana for you. JohnCartan: Have you ever been married? BzMouse : There's always my sister in Salt Lake, though. BzMouse : Nope. Just me & the dog and a Toyota JohnCartan: same here. (except cats and Datsun) BzMouse : LOL BzMouse : You want to be married? JohnCartan: yes. I've always wanted to be married BzMouse : Now that's a rarity. BzMouse : Usually the M-word is what scares men. JohnCartan: I suppose. Except that when it comes right down to it, I find that women are more scared of marriage JohnCartan: than men BzMouse : Could be. I'd like to be married. Sometimes it scares me, though. Big life change. JohnCartan: that's for sure! JohnCartan: Do you want kids some day? BzMouse : This, and I'm talking a guy at work into proposing to his girlfriend. BzMouse : Yes. Two would be nice. JohnCartan: Ah! a matchmaker! BzMouse : "Gus, just close your eyes and jump. You love her, she loves you. Just get the ring" JohnCartan: But BZ, why do you offer up your sister? Why not you? BzMouse : Well, you know, editors kind of get to be everything: babysitter, adviser, JohnCartan: are you an editor? BzMouse : John, I am very distant from you geographically. JohnCartan: maybe. But where's that romantic spirit? BzMouse : That romantic spirit, which is very much alive, is being sat on by the pragmatic Midwesterner. BzMouse : I'm city editor of a twice-weekly newspaper BzMouse : The romantic spirit, however, is squirming JohnCartan: yes, I've been sat on by a few pragmatic Midwesterners my own self BzMouse : LOL JohnCartan: I am the last of the romantics. I say KEEP SQUIRMING! BzMouse : SQUIRMIKNG JohnCartan: that's the spirit! BzMouse : ::lifting weight:: BzMouse : "i think you weigh more than you thought" JohnCartan: ah. Are you lifting that heavy pragmatic? BzMouse : yes JohnCartan: Push! Push! BzMouse : but fortunately, i joined a health club in November BzMouse : :push::: BzMouse : Unfortunately, I haven't been going very often ::pant:: JohnCartan: I am rooting for you! BzMouse : ::adrenaline rush: BzMouse : PUSh! JohnCartan: YAY! GO MOUSE GO! BzMouse : :*John JohnCartan: :* JohnCartan: Screen kisses! The ultimate in safe sex! BzMouse : LOL JohnCartan: :) I like you, BZ BzMouse : John, I think you are really swell :)) JohnCartan: swell? BzMouse : :* JohnCartan: It's a start! BzMouse : lol JohnCartan: Congratulations on this Fresno thing. Really! BzMouse : ::grinning:: Thanks! I'm actually really proud of it. JohnCartan: you should be! BzMouse : :) BzMouse : What do you raise on Grandma's Ranch? JohnCartan: It's heavily forested and we keep the hunters out. Rent a pasture to a local rancher BzMouse : Horses? BzMouse : I mean beside the pasture for cattle JohnCartan: I'm not really much of a cowboy. I just poke my head out the door and make sure it's still there JohnCartan: no horses at the moment. had a couple when I was a kid BzMouse : lucky JohnCartan: yes. I'm very lucky. but it does get kinda lonely up here at times BzMouse : Even here in condo hell, it gets lonely. JohnCartan: lol. I know JohnCartan: That's what's so addicting about this confounded AOL BzMouse : So, we're in the cabin. What does it look like? JohnCartan: good question! JohnCartan: For the most part, it still looks like it did when granny lived here BzMouse : We're still on the sofa, or at the formica kitchen table? JohnCartan: It's more of a cottage than a cabin. white with blue roof. white picket fence BzMouse : So that's single level? BzMouse : Thought it would be white. JohnCartan: Were sitting on an old black sofa in the living room JohnCartan: single level JohnCartan: but there's a nysterious attic JohnCartan: mysterious, that is BzMouse : Hmm. kinda one big rectangle, with you in the lefthand corner and me leanign next to you BzMouse : leaning against you. JohnCartan: Indeed! Feels great! BzMouse : comfy here. BzMouse : OK if I put my feet up? JohnCartan: Yes. I just put a downy comforter over both of us. BzMouse : MMmm. Nice and warm. BzMouse : Fireplace? JohnCartan: Pardon me for a minute while I remove Greymalkin JohnCartan: Nope. I'm afraid we'll have to keep each other warm! BzMouse : He got under the comforter and is going to pounce on my feet. JohnCartan: just rub him behind the ears. (works for me too) BzMouse : :::massaging John's neck:: JohnCartan: hmmmmmmmmmm JohnCartan: oh, there! that's perfect! BzMouse : What does the rest of the room look like? JohnCartan: Well, there's various grandmotherly brickabrac JohnCartan: Portrait of my uncle the judge BzMouse : LOL, my grandma collected that. Royal Doulton figurines and other stuff JohnCartan: Elk head looming overhead BzMouse : What color are the walls? JohnCartan: light gray JohnCartan: white trim BzMouse : Hmm. JohnCartan: could probably use fresh coat of paint BzMouse : ::snuggling:: JohnCartan: hmmmmmmmm BzMouse : Outside, too, but it's still too cold to paint JohnCartan: nuzzling behind left ear BzMouse : mmm JohnCartan: yes, light snow falling outside JohnCartan: stars burning BzMouse : LOL, yes, I remember living up north. BzMouse : Can still pick out Casseopia JohnCartan: I'm impressed BzMouse : Hey, not bad without my glasses, eh? JohnCartan: you shuld see the sky here at night. It's incredible! BzMouse : Mmm, I'm seeing stars now JohnCartan: Mmm. me too BzMouse : :* JohnCartan: :* {} BzMouse : {John} JohnCartan: {Betsy} BzMouse : :) JohnCartan: Gee, Betsy, I wish I could download YOU BzMouse : lol. most I could send you would be a quilt design. JohnCartan: lol JohnCartan: just not the same BzMouse : nope. JohnCartan: *sigh* I really should go... BzMouse : and it's so cozy in here with you. JohnCartan: I've never been cozier! BzMouse : aha, the pragmatist rears its head JohnCartan: yes, hard to do from a sitting position BzMouse : lol BzMouse : but you're right; it is late JohnCartan: I'm going to have a hard time sleeping tonight! BzMouse : ha! not me. I'm going to have some very pleasant dreams that I can't put a facd to yet BzMouse : face JohnCartan: I wish you could see my face now (wearing foolish grin) BzMouse : mine, too JohnCartan: :) BzMouse : and yours looks very cute JohnCartan: hmmm. I really like the way your hair feels... BzMouse : thick, straight hair. shoulder-length. JohnCartan: sounds wonderful! BzMouse : bangs need to be trimmed a bit JohnCartan: <---loves unkempt bangs BzMouse : ah, a man definitely after my heart BzMouse : freckles, too JohnCartan: me too BzMouse : :) JohnCartan: hmmmm. So doesn't your paper need to do a feature on life in Montana next month JohnCartan: a job for the fearless editor! BzMouse : one that she would have to look into personally JohnCartan: exactly! A story that requires that personal touch! BzMouse : though no, my paper doesn't even cover the whole county JohnCartan: time to take the paper in a radical new direction! BzMouse : LOL would that I had that power.. BzMouse : Just how big is Canyon Creek JohnCartan: Southern CA meets Canyon Creek. Compare and Contrast! BzMouse : :) JohnCartan: There is no Canyon Creek per se. Just a general store at the foot of the mountains JohnCartan: There's about a hundred people here and there in the mountains BzMouse : which also serves as postal sorting JohnCartan: nearest city is Helena, thirty miles BzMouse : so the nearest hotel is Helena? JohnCartan: right JohnCartan: if you don't count Chez John! BzMouse : ;) JohnCartan: :) BzMouse : Well, on such short acquaintance, we can't count your maison JohnCartan: this is true BzMouse : hey! that rhymes! BzMouse : besides which, it doesn't quite go in the travel piece, "When in Canyon Creek, stay at Chez John" JohnCartan: so you go ahead and get a room in Helena as a fall back position BzMouse : roflol JohnCartan: :) BzMouse : How many times have you met me? BzMouse : twice? JohnCartan: My heart doesn't count like that! JohnCartan: (is that romantic or what?) BzMouse : definitely romantic BzMouse : definitely adorable JohnCartan: ah! a woman after my own heart! BzMouse : careful of what you wish for JohnCartan: You're pretty adorable yourself! BzMouse : :::blushing:::: JohnCartan: I'm not scared. BzMouse : I am JohnCartan: I DARE you to visit me! BzMouse : roflol JohnCartan: If you actually come, THEN I'll be scared! BzMouse : Don't dare me. JohnCartan: I Double DARE you! BzMouse : OK, I'm visiting Montana this summer. JohnCartan: YAY! I intend to hold you this promise! BzMouse : Yeah, but it would be better if you come to LA next month JohnCartan: I'm halfway between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. We can visit either one JohnCartan: yeah, I hope I can. But I'm afraid it will probably fall through BzMouse : What is in LA that you might be here? and will I need my down jacket inthe summertme? JohnCartan: It gets a little cool at nights even in the summer JohnCartan: There's a software developer in LA who made a few noises about bringing me out BzMouse : Well, the down coat is in storage up north, but Istill have my down vest here and wool stuff JohnCartan: That should be just fine BzMouse : still got my hiking boots, too. JohnCartan: I will take it upon myself to make sure you stay warm! BzMouse : :)) JohnCartan: Would you like my phone number (which is 406-368-....)? BzMouse : Why, thank you. (714) 855-.... h. JohnCartan: Thabk YOU :) BzMouse : sometimes the answering machine doesn't work. Or sometimes I don't hear the phone because I need to BzMouse : get a new one. BzMouse : but I do call. JohnCartan: I can be very persistent when it's important! BzMouse : :)) JohnCartan: I'll be in Idaho for the next couple of weeks. Probably won't go online very often :( BzMouse : well, you know how to find me. JohnCartan: :) JohnCartan: You really should see the stupid grin on my face! BzMouse : you use the find someone thing, right? JohnCartan: yes.. BzMouse : No, it's a very sweet, kissable grin on your face JohnCartan: :* BzMouse : well, sometimes I'm in AOL Lobby. Sometimes not. Late at night, trying to cut back to Mondays, Thrs BzMouse : and :** JohnCartan: :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* BzMouse : MMMmmm, very cozy and warm here. JohnCartan: you aint seen nothing yet! BzMouse : john, can't beat those kisses. I'lm just going to have to enjoy them JohnCartan: You're pretty enjoyable yourself! BzMouse : lol BzMouse : :************{}************* JohnCartan: And you SMELL GREAT!! BzMouse : roflol JohnCartan: oh, BZ, stop. You're sending me into orbit! BzMouse : Is that the Ivory soap? or the remnants of perfume? JohnCartan: I don't know. But the warmer you get the better it smells! BzMouse : yeah, well, now guess who's wearing the wide silly grin JohnCartan: If that pragmatic Midwesterner sits on you tomorrow morning, shove her off! JohnCartan: Life is too short not to take a few chances! BzMouse : She's sittin on me now, sayng it's nearly 3:30 JohnCartan: 3:30? I thought you were in CA BzMouse : I am. PST. JohnCartan: Ohmygod You're right! BzMouse : And I haven't finished the two quilt blocks for tomorrow JohnCartan: Yeah, I've got several hours of work before I can retire JohnCartan: But, BZ, it was worth every minute! BzMouse : you're too young to retire JohnCartan: You're incredible! I mean it! BzMouse : :)) BzMouse : Aw,no way JohnCartan: Have a good time in Fresno! I'll be applauding from a distance BzMouse : Thanks, John. JohnCartan: Start thinking of things you want to do in Montana BzMouse : nature walks JohnCartan: good choice! BzMouse : not much else? BzMouse : canoe canoe? JohnCartan: we've got scads of nature here, just a few short minutes from the couch! JohnCartan: canoeing is possible BzMouse : sassafras JohnCartan: I'll get a cupboard full! BzMouse : nope, don't need to get it ahead of time. BzMouse : But, you got any flour? JohnCartan: yup. never use it myself JohnCartan: can you cook? BzMouse : How old is it? BzMouse : I can bake. JohnCartan: not too old. My mother visits every now and then and buys me a new bag! BzMouse : LOL. BzMouse : What kind of sweetener you have? BzMouse : honey, sugar, molasses, syrup JohnCartan: just sugar. Maybe a little vanilla extract JohnCartan: but when can get supplies in Helena BzMouse : Don't need the vanilla for this project. JohnCartan: I like the way you think! BzMouse : I can cook OK, mostly with a cookbook for forethought JohnCartan: Well, BZ, I don'e EVER want to leave, but we'd better call it a night! BzMouse : Yes, John, I think you're right. I'll see you soon JohnCartan: but before you go, come a little closer.... JohnCartan: BzMouse : can't get much closer BzMouse : :************ JohnCartan: BzMouse : mmm, like the way you smell JohnCartan: mmmmmm JohnCartan: Hey! Watch the hands! BzMouse : gonna play connect-the-dots on you BzMouse : hands? I was just reaching for the popcorn JohnCartan: hmmm. lots o dots... JohnCartan: lol JohnCartan: Ohhh. That's one of my FAVORITE dots... BzMouse : connecting the dots with kisses BzMouse : or perhaps a Magic marker BzMouse : heehee JohnCartan: no. stick with the kisses JohnCartan: ahh. that's better BzMouse : but you'd look pretty funny with the lines on your face BzMouse : unless you persuade me otherwise JohnCartan: You'd better watch out! I'm liable to do a little connecting myself! BzMouse : ... JohnCartan: Good night, Betsy BzMouse : promises, promises BzMouse : Goodnight, John. JohnCartan: {{{{{{{{{{{*}}}}}}}}}}}

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