No Gulls

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Drury Card Number 1  -  Sat, Jun 29, 1991 10:01 PM

I miss the gulls. . .
and so do my budgies.

I know this is silly, but then I am probably one of the few who likes to run my mouse over the juggler every time I am at the game board and I enjoy the gulls screaming away everytime I open the stack. I guess it is like rubbing the Buddha's belly.

Oh, come on!! No one has ever rubbed the Buddha's belly at some Chinese restaurant?

John, could I prevail upon you to add the gulls to one of those unused buttons on the game board? Then I can play the gulls for my budgies anytime I wanted.

I can't believe you would cut the birds. . . Gulls are wonderful. They are acrobatic flyers, noisy, and beautiful!

You actually canned the birds!!! I can't believe it!! No warning. I innocently loaded the three disks and pop! they are gone! I lost my gulls!!!! I want those stinkin' gulls returned!!!! You can't just zap them by some stupid majority vote!!!

Gimme those gulls. . . . or I will send you a plague of crickets!!! Men . Only men would do something as low as this. No sense of decency. No appreciation for fine feathered forms.