Think C

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Paul Card Number 8  -  Sun, Aug 25, 1991 1:44 PM


There are several interesting new developments on the Mac programming front. I'll describe them briefly here.

First, Think C 5.0 was just released in early August. The new version has loads of new features, according to the brochure:

  • ANSI C compliant
  • Global optimizer
  • Full System 7.0 support
  • Debugger enhancements
  • New object extensions, closer to C++
  • A class browser
  • Enhancements to the Think Class Library
I have ordered, but not received, the upgrade. For registered users, the upgrade cost is $89.

Additionally, you can order Dave Mark's Macintosh Programming Primer Volume II - Mastering the Toolbox using THINK C for a discounted price of $17 (limited time offer). I had purchased this book earlier at list price, unfortunately.

Next, Symantec has also released a programmer's guide to using the Toolbox, called THINK Reference. From the introductory chapter of the user manual:

"THINK Reference is a convenient, comprehensive guide to the essential information that you need to program the Macintosh. It describes nearly all of the Macintosh Toolbox routines from Inside Macintosh I-V, including information from the technical notes.

"THINK Reference has examples and templates that let you copy Toolbox calls into your own program. You can customize THINK Reference with your own personalized bookmarks for instant access to the topics you use often.

"THINK Reference is available when you need it most: while you're programming. The information is cross-referenced through hyperlinks, so you can look up related Toolbox routines quickly without leafing through cumbersome books and notes."

And finally, I've found a HyperCard stack designed to teach programmers how to use C++/Think C on the Mac. It does not cover the Toolbox, but otherwise looks like a great fast-paced introduction or refresher on C. I'll post it seperately as a gift in this issue.