New Toys

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Roger Card Number 1  -  Sun, Sep 8, 1991 11:58 PM

My latest acquisition for the Mac is a logitec Scanman scanner and Studio 1 drawing program.

The scanner works nicely and allows on to adjust the contrast and to lighten or darken (can you do that with "Thunderscan"?). And you can work with it easily.

I seem to be switching back and forth between Studio 1 and Superpaint. Studio 1 has a nice easy program for animation and it can be loaded into Hypercard. It works a bit differently from Superpaint and can do a little more. Perhaps after a couple of months I may just use the Studio 1. Have you tried it yet?

The logitec scanner doesn't yet have the optical character recognition yet but they expect to have it out later this year. Everything else is there for optical recognition except the program and other similar readers uses the same scanner (probably manufactured in Japan) that is used for optical recognition on the IBM so it should be an easy job to switch for use with the Mac.