My IBM Clone acquisition

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Roger Card Number 4  -  Mon, Sep 9, 1991 1:10 AM

In the last couple of months, I finally upgraded to 386 clone computer with windows and color.

It was an interesting acquisition.

There is a computer store named Domino (no, not the pizza co.) who advertize a build it yourself computer (assemble it yourself is more to the point). It intrigued me so much that I went out and built one. Feels good to know that I could add memory, new drives, etc., without having to feel that it is an ominous black box and my only out is to go to some "expert" to fix things. It actually works.

I have to tell you that Windows is not as easy to learn as the Mac and also not as easy to use. However its a lot easier than the old DOS was.

What am I going to do with it? Who cares - it's a toy, just like the Mac, for me and most of the US.