Not my kid

Voice Card  -  Volume 21  -  Yumi Card Number 4  -  Sun, Jul 21, 1991 3:17 PM

This is a response to VC 20 Larry 23 ("Baby tired")...

I Love kids. Right now I love them even more when I can play with them and then send them home to their Mommies and Daddies Cheer up Larry, the fun is just beginning and the fun will make you forget your tired bones.

I recently went to a barbecue dinner at Drury and John's place. She invited our friend and 4D programmer and his family. What a riot! Drury and John were pretty funny. Give either of them an animal in pain or distress and they can do miracles. Give either of them an energetic youngster and they are completely bewildered.

Drury and John had a wonderful evening with Lee, Jeanine and their two daughters Lila and Molly. I will try to recount this wonderful evening, sorry, but I lack storytelling skills so bear with me.

Lila is in the first grade and the week before the barbecue when her parents decided to put in a brand new carpet, Lila discovered that cranberry juice stains. After a hearty game of Croquet, and an addition game which Lila created using the croquet set, we all sat down to our respective interests. Drury, Lee and I decided to go play with the computer while the kids, Drury's S.O. and My S.O. stayed outside with Lee's wife. After a little while I wandered back outside.

Lila asked John if she could have something to drink like "Apple juice or some kind of juice that stains." If you could have seen the look of horror that crossed John's face. Oh, the nightmares that a child can give to an adult who doesn't have children of their own. His reply was that Apple juice would be fine and that he would go make some. Lila offered to accompany John into the kitchen.

For about 5 minutes all was quiet. Then we heard a scream and peals of laughter coming from the kitchen. When we arrived there was Lila sitting in the middle of the floor soaking wet giggling as only little girls can giggle. Poor John looked at Lila's mother apologetically and said "I guess I wouldn't make a very good parent."

Poor guy! He was horrified that he had allowed Lila to dump a pitcher of apple juice on her head. Little did he know that all little kids are capable of great distruction when left to their own devices. (How do I know? I spent my teenage and college years babysitting.)

Jeanine just smiled and we asked how this happened. John began to explain with help from Lila in between giggles. Apparently Lila wanted to stir the apple juice but was too short to reach the counter so John placed the plastic container on the pull out cutting board. Lila still a bit too short, grabbed the rim of the jar to tilt it and the rest is history.

Needless to say by 8 o'clock that evening Drury and John were exhausted and Steve (my SO) and I were feeling just a little sorry for them. We were lucky, we learned a little about kids since all of my neighbors have children under the age of 6 and they all love to come to my place and play with the dog. Steve and I were thinking sometimes little kids can be another good reason for birth control.

At this time in my life I do not envy the two of you. I'm glad that I do not have any kids right now. It is all that I can do to take care of myself. I will enjoy parenthood through your eyes.

Oh, Larry and Diane what exciting adventures Kristen has in store for you! Keep us posted!