Babbling Brooks

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  Drury Card Number 6  -  Sun, Oct 27, 1991 10:18 PM

This is a response to VC 21 John 9 ("Quite a List!")...

Actually, this is not a direct response to your voice card. This card is brought on by my going back to the previous volume to see the card of which you were referring. (Right)

It seems like I am a rambling voice carder. You see, I was also checking on the number of my contributions in the last volume, to get some idea on if this stack will get done by the deadline. I usually put in 15 - 20 cards per volume (OK, so the average is 21 ), which means I am only at the one third mark now, BUT then I noticed the number of cards others usually write. I should send the stack now to keep with the status quo.

Do you think I should be trimming my contributions? I don't want to be "overwhelming" anyone. Maybe I shouldn't read everyones' cards, so that I will think I have less to respond to. Maybe I should try for quality, not quantity? Am I a babbler? Do you feel that I tend to just keep rambling on, voice card after voice card? I could try using only one card to give kudos to everyone who deserves it. Yes, yes! That's a card trimmer right there!

OK! Here's to everyone with GREAT contributions this time!

Stuart and his parents' unusual kid quieters and The Monkey Boy and The Tale of Patty Pilgrim. I believe there are some connections to be made between his early years and the literature he produces now. Stuart - maybe you should provide more cards on your early family life, so we can truly appreciate some of the poetry produced now.

Yumi with her roommate insights and (gosh) the three cheers (I was sniffling through the whole card - thanks )

John and The Bargain and the incredibly bizzare tale of a table and four chairs. I do hope you submit that little gem-it was GREAT!

There, that cut seven cards!