Hello Card  -  Volume 22  -  Janine Card Number 0  -  Tue, Oct 15, 1991 5:24 PM

An extremely late and heartfelt hello to everyone!

Not off to a good start with my first issue; I plan on being more timely next time around. Fortunately, John and Betsy are in the middle of moving, as was I!

This stack has witnessed all sorts of emotional highs and lows since I first received the packet. My husband Eliott and I packed up our STUFF and two cats and moved to San Francisco. We have since relocated again (the correct current address is on the info card). Our new household also has an additional member, Dan H., who was the best man at our wedding. He has a cat, too - Boychick.

All in all, things are very cozy here, and the cats and their owners are getting along famously.

I hope my cards don't ramble too much - I had the opportunity (or challenge!) to read several volumes of Archipelago in order to get to know all of you, so I guess my verbosity is my way of "catching up" in the conversation. I won't be offended (hell, I won't even know!!) if you skip major portions of my cards!

I can't wait for the next volume - bon voyage, little diskettes!!