Help I have to move!

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  Yumi Card Number 1  -  Sat, Dec 14, 1991 5:06 PM

I have always said 2 the things I hate doing most in life besides cleaning house, is moving and looking for a new job. After living in my comfortable townhouse in Davis for about 3 years, I decided that I would move to Seattle, Washington. Now you all know I decided to follow my heart (something my mind did not agree with whole heartedly).

I was supposed to leave Davis on Wednesday, September 18th. On Monday, my friend Erik and his father arrived. They were helping me move, and they were 2 days early!!! I wanted to just curl up and die. Now I am not a very neat person, and there were boxes everywhere. Not to mention the fact that I had lived in my townhouse for 4 years collecting enormous amounts of junk! What a complete and total disaster!

It took 4 of us all day Monday, all day Tuesday in order to have everything packed and ready to move. (This was after I had spent a few days trying to pack in an organized fashion ha! ) Those last three days before I left were hell, pure and simple. Not only was I reminded about the fact that I am a junk collecter, but as we moved furniture and cleaned out closets, I was further reminded of my inadequate housekeeping skills. Despite the fact that I am Asian, and neatness is supposed to flow in our genes, I think I forgot to pick up my supply of neat genes.

We loaded up the truck on Wednesday morning and I was exhasted. I had hardly slept at all since I had packed into the wee hours of the morning when only people like John are still awake. Now my friend Erik and his father have been nominated for Sainthood. What a disaster and they didn't get upset with me, they wouldn't let me help pay for their hotel, gas or food bills!!!

After the truck was loaded up, Erik's father Steve decided that we should leave that afternoon rather than try to get some sleep and leave early in the morning. I agreed since I was anxious to leave Davis and begin my new life. (Ha, little did I know what I was in for!)

We left Davis at 4 p.m. and I opted to drive the first shift since I was so tired I knew that once I fell asleep that it would be all over. We drove straight through all night and we arrived in Seattle at 8:00 AM Thursday morning. Of the 16 hour drive, I drove approximately 10 of them.

In Oregon, we were stopped by a Highway Patrol Officer. Now I believe that cops in California can be rude, but the officers in Oregon take the cake! Because I was tired, I was tailgating. Pretty stupid huh? Well Erik's father is legally blind in one eye and the truck was weaving.

We received a stern lecture from the Highway patrol officer. He was sure to inform us that while California had a larger police force, Oregon was very good at using the resources that they had available to them and that Washington police would not be as lienient as he.

I could feel my blood boil as I realized that I was the victim of prejudice because of the state where I was born! As if there isn't enough prejudice in the world without disliking other Americans because they were born in the wrong state! I know it has been going on for years, but it still really makes me mad!!!

As we drove into the driveway of my new apartment building I could feel my heart sink to my knees and all I wanted to do was turn around and run back to Califronia. My friends decided that they did not want to sleep, and that we should unload part of the truck.

Well, we unloaded the whole disaster. By 11:00 we were done unloading and there were boxes everywhere! We showered and went to lunch and at 1:00 my friends decided that it would be a good idea to drive out of the Seattle area before getting a room so that they could avoid the traffic. After they were gone, I was alone in my new home. Steve had duty on the ship, so he was unable to come and meet me.

That first night in my new home was completely miserable. It was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears! I hate women who cry all of the time so you can imagine how I felt when I was reduced to the point of having my eyes leak on their own.

Poor Steve, he felt so bad since I had moved all of our things without his help since he was unable to get any leave to help me. Such is life. I basically moved our possesions without his help. All this trouble for a man... Go figure