Aids, Aids, Aids

Voice Card  -  Volume 22  -  Yumi Card Number 5  -  Sun, Dec 15, 1991 10:17 PM

This is a response to VC 21 Drury 6 ("The Aids Issue")...

I agree with Drury. Although I have a degree in English, I worked for a human diagnostic laboratory for the last year of school. I also have a large number of friends who I worry about since many are not too selective about the company that they keep. My friends who are gay have to fight the stereotypes that go along with being gay and the idea that Aids is a creation of God to punish them and yet they are less susceptible to the disease than some heterosexuals.

To label one group, the medical profession, is one more thing to keep people from entering the health care profession. Our health care system is in serious trouble as it is! As the number of Aids cases increases, the more health care workers we will need, and who will want to enter the medical profession just to face prejudice that is unwarrented and unfair?

Perhaps there is no easy answer, but I do not believe that this proposal is a solution.