PBD Losers Club

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Janine Card Number 10  -  Sun, Jan 26, 1992 4:01 PM

This is a response to VC 22 John 11 ("My Life as a Kelly Girl")...

It seems the world is full of meaningless jobs like yours and mine. I often joke about how much power I have at Pacific Bell Directory. I control the incoming calls. I assign security access cards to those in our department. I sort the mail. The future of PBD rests in my hands.

Those of us in peon positions at PBD went out drinking one night and formed the PBD Losers' Club. You have to be in a position far below your capabilities and, worse yet, be aware of this fact! Our "hi sign" is holding thumb and index finger of both hands in the shape of an "L" and holding the Ls up to our foreheads, almost like horns, while saying "LOSERS!! LOSERS!!" It's made it easier to have a sense of humor about my position.

I think if a poll were taken on how many people are underemployed (below their skill and normal salary level), it would paint a far more telling position of the dire state of the economy.