My nominations are.....

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Larry Card Number 5  -  Sat, Jan 18, 1992 11:49 PM

This is ONE OF 5 responses to VC 22 John 12 ("Best Voice Card of 1991")...

Really John - take a few minutes to review the more than 500 cards submitted in 1991? How fast do you move through these stacks anyway?

My three nominations for voice card of the year are all penned by John - he seemed to have a particularly adventuresome year. They are

Sub Morons, see VC 20 John 13;

Still Sputtering, see VC 21 John 10; and

A Table and Four Chairs, see VC 21 John 15.

John, you appear to be at your best when you're indignant.

Best voice card title nomination is:

Up your YingYang, see VC 19 Drury 25.

The criterion used in my search for best title was that title which conveyed the message of the card as well or better than the actual words of the card in a succinct, humorous fashion.