And brush after every meal

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Paul Card Number 3  -  Wed, Feb 19, 1992 9:22 PM

This is a response to VC 22 Drury 12 ("Behind the Ears, too?")...

Dunno... I haven't seen my desk in years.

Actually, I currently have *three* desks:

  • One at my office
  • One at home
  • One at my other office, at the Church Office Building
The desk at the customer site is generally kept pretty clean, under the theory that it's good policy to fool customers.

The other desks are in various states of "organized chaos", meaning that usually I can find things in/on them, but it's normally difficult to find a clear space large enough to lay a sheet of paper on.

Last year during a particulary messy phase my office desk was photographed by a co-worker as some kind of joke. The desk is a little bit cleaner these days, on average.