What conclusions?

Voice Card  -  Volume 23  -  Roger Card Number 2  -  Fri, Feb 28, 1992 1:14 AM

Here is a bit of trivia that I found in a newspaper article and wonder what kind of conclusions any of you might draw from the descriptions.

There is a group of fish found in a lake in Africa. The dominant male in this group becomes brightly colored, very aggressive, and his brain cells swell up greatly in size.

If a stronger fish comes along and challenges him, defeats him, then he looses the colorful scales and becomes drab mud gray colored, becomes passive, and his brain cells shrink in size to to that size of the normal male or female. (This happens in two or three days.)

If something happens to the dominant colorful fish, like he is killed or disappears, then a battle begins among the drab gray male fish until one is established as the dominant. His drab colors turn to bright colorful hues, and he literally gets a swelled head as his brain cells become larger (estimated at between 10 to 15 percent larger). He becomes sexually active and aggressive. (Again this happens within a couple of days.)

The article suggested that brain cells are quite similar across the animal kingdom. So what kind of a conclusion would you draw about humans. How about the idea of confidence of winning, of losing and its effect on the psyche?