Voice Card  -  Volume 24  -  Janine Card Number 9  -  Thu, May 7, 1992 3:54 PM

On April 27, my friend from college, Emily, committed suicide.

God!! Just seeing this written on the screen fills me with disbelief. How could someone so full of life, so caring of others, be gone? It's amazing how little we really know the people we think we know well. Apparantly, she was a manic deppressive and had tried to do herself in several times, always calling for help or being rescued at the last minute. This time, she succeeded.

It really has shaken me up, especially since I'm only a year younger than her. We "bonded" in school, being two "older" (by about 8-9 years), Jewish students at a Catholic university. She was always encouraging and supportive. When my then-current boyfriend walked out on me, she was the first person I called. She said, "Don't do anything drastic - stay right there, I'm coming over." And she did, and held me till I felt sane again.

I just wish I could have done the same for her. I don't feel guilty; I'm just left with this deep, profound sadness. What a loss, to me and to all who knew her, and to those who never got the chance to know her. I'll miss you, Emily, and I'll always remember you and the lively person you were.