Beat me, Beat me

Voice Card  -  Volume 24  -  Paul Card Number 3  -  Wed, Apr 8, 1992 9:18 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 23 John 11 ("Mystery Assignments")...


I hereby accept Drury's punishment in lieu of writing the opening paragraph.

On second thought, I'll write that paragraph - but I still want the punishment.

John's Big Day

John woke early that day, by his standards. Laying in bed, he was momentarily confused as to the reason. Could it be the fifth of tequila he had downed under protest the night before? The insistently ringing telephone? The room service waiter with a bouquet of roses, a CHEESE omlette, a hand addressed note, and a sneer, standing at the foot of the bed?

John chose to deal with the waiter first. After extracting the letter, he proffered a quarter tip. "That will be all, my good man; you may shut the door on your departure. DRAT THAT PHONE!"

Why couldn't he remember what had happenned last night?

John opened the note. In a hand he would recognize anywhere, it said,


     After what has happened, I can't go
     through with it.



[Editor's note: Bravo! As agreed, Drury WILL write the next installment. Betsy and I can hardly wait to see what happens next! ]