Late Again

Voice Card  -  Volume 24  -  Yumi Card Number 10  -  Tue, May 5, 1992 22:17

Since I am so very late with this packet, just one more quick card. Due to the delinquent nature of this card, I can write about the Rodney King verdict. While I feel that the beating was unacceptable, I cannot help but wonder what came out in the trial to provide the jurors with their verdict.

It makes my heart break to see all of the riots in L.A. Not only do I worry about my future, but that of my children if and when I have any. I feel like the U.S. has come along so far and then something like the riots in L.A. occur. Senseless beatings, looting, hatred... perhaps our society is late once again in its thinking and solutions. I don't know, any ideas?

It's too bad that everyone doesn't get along as well as all of us Archipelagans do. After all, as demonstrated in many of our voice cards, we all come from different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs yet, we all seem to get along. I still have hope though...