Romance or Madness

Book Card  -  Volume 25  -  Book Review Number 1  -  Mon, Jun 22, 1992 3:36 PM

TITLE: Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence
AUTHOR: Nick Bantock
PUBLISHER: Chronicle Books

This book is a wonderful work of art. It contains the correspondence between two individuals who have never met. Each page contains a new card or letter covered with drawings of extraordinary creatures and landscapes.

The story begins with Sabine writing to Griffin. She simply asks for one of his fish postcards and remarks about the drawing itself. This little statement grabs Griffin and shows the connection between the two. She lives in the South Pacific, he England, they have never met, and he never showed the first sketch to anyone. How did this woman "see" the drawing?

The letters and cards tell of a developing romance until the end. With the last two cards, the readers are left unsure if this was a romance or a descent into madness.