Scum rises?

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  Drury Card Number 16  -  Wed, Jul 1, 1992 9:39 AM

This is a response to VC 24 Yumi 2 ("Clerical Scum")...

Yumi, you will go on to greater heights! If you really decide to continue the corporate ladder thing, you will accomplish this. If you decide teaching is the thing - you will do this also.

Isn't it GOOD to know what the scum is doing? How will you learn to change things as you move up if you never see what others endure? Maybe some of those scum are in the wrong job? Maybe they are having real problems with supervisors? As you "move-up" you will then be able to provide career counseling and make their lives better. RIGHT!

John is the one who recommends the top brass clean bed pans just to know what it is like for the "lowlies". I disagree with the need for the top brass to do this when they are "at the top", but it is good to learn this at some point in your life. Every profession has it's "basement" - doctors start out as orderlies or other "slave" labor during their years of schooling. Residents are put through horrible conditions before they become full-fledged doctors. We vets have cleaned many a cage in our pre-vet life. Do you think this is different for any other calling?

Folks, you don't get to start at the top! AND the conditions at the bottom are only intolerable to you because you want the "stuff" at the top. There are people perfectly happy working those clerical and other similar jobs. Not everyone wants the time commitment or the responsibility of the "higher" jobs. Some of these people are even "highly educated".

Yumi - fight the loser's club! NO WHINING! Make the changes for yourself!