Tenuous Recovery

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  John Card Number 11  -  Thu, Sep 3, 1992 12:39 AM

This is a response to VC 25 Drury 22 ("Mrs. Kimbro")...

After more than a week in a coma, chemotherapy that ravaged her body, and a virtual death sentence from her doctors, Mrs. Kimbro has miraculously escaped the hospital and, as of this note, is doing well (relatively speaking). Rather than complain about her ordeal, she told my mother that the nice thing about getting sick was finding out how many people care about you.

The older I get, the more I realize what an impact she had on me. I've had many fine teachers and three great ones: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Kimbro, and Brooke Hopkins. Remarkable people like these hold high a torch that defies the darkness of a million ignorant people. And they pass that torch to future generations. Have you other Archipelagoans known any great teachers?

As for Bill, he is fond of Mrs. Kimbro and was distressed to hear of her illness, but you know how Bill is about sending cards or letters.

[Editor's note: About a month after this card was written, Grace Kimbro died at home of Leukemia.]