Private Island

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  Robert Card Number 9  -  Mon, Jul 27, 1992 12:50 AM


So how was the trip to the far NorthWest?

And the diving? Any good Photos?

Talked to Jim about the trip to Panama, he is going down on Dec 25 and returning Dec 30.

Looked into the airfares and they are not to bad, about 450 round trip from Dallas, and if we fly into Panama City and leave from San Jose Costa Rica it will add about 100.

Jim told me that the Xmas count will be on Dec 27 in the Canal Zone. Lots of birds, though it will be alot better when we go to the NW of Panama to the coffe plantation. The plantation is up in the mountains and should be a little cooler, with a nicer background. We can discuss the agenda at length when you return.