A healthy agreement

Voice Card  -  Volume 25  -  Stuart Card Number 6  -  Mon, Jul 13, 1992 9:11 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 24 Roger 1 ("Health Care")...

I have to say I agree with you 100% Roger. Our health care system is in sad need of reform. It appalls me that Bush, in one of his many unexamined premises, casually dismisses ALL universal health care system (including those in countries like France, Canada, and Japan, countries with very strong universal health care systems) at as high or higher quality and lower GNP cost, if you believe more unbiased - read, those who aren't hostage to the current health care system's cadre of lobbyists and PAC money - experts. Our current system is too expensive, too unfairly distributed, and too restrictive.

Yes, Roger, once again I agree with you. (Is this becoming an alarming pattern? )