Voice Card  -  Volume 26  -  Roger Card Number 1  -  Wed, Oct 28, 1992 12:08 PM

By the time you read this, the election will be over and Mr. Perot will probably be in third place. (This was written on Wed, the 28th of October and the election is less than a week away.) The newspaper shows Perot somewhere between 15 and 20 percent, Bush at 28 to 33 percent and Clinton between 48 and 38 percent (all of popular vote).

The cult of personality, which seems to be the big mover in this election, appalls me. I am voting for what the candidates said that they would try to get done. My vote was mostly a vote to protest that both the Democratic and Republican were ignoring the humungous size of the federal debt. My vote was to notify the leglislature and executives of government that the Federal Debt is very important, that if we keep on borrowing we will reach the point that the interest on the debt is so high that our only out is wild inflation. My hope is that Perot runs a close second to the winner and causes this country's politicians to reevaluate their policies.

Some more thoughts. Perot only got 20%, less than I was hoping for, but it was somewhat of a victory for those of us who believe that we can't keep living on borrrowed money and that sooner or later we will have to pay the principal and interest in competition with countries that won't let themselves live on borrowed money. And the sooner we start the less pain we are going to have. By the next election, the third party, not necessarily led by Ross Perot, should be up to strength.