Hmm; perhaps you're right

Voice Card  -  Volume 26  -  Stuart Card Number 4  -  Sat, Oct 31, 1992 5:52 PM

This is a response to VC 25 Drury 3 ("Poetry")...

You may be right, Drury old pal. Sampling the Body Bestiary poems separately may make it difficult to get into the "rhythm" of the thing.

This issue I put a few more poems together than I usually do (around four). If you and the rest of the group like, I can put the rest of the sequence onto the next Archipelago installment, or I can just give you larger helpings of the thing, as I've done this time around. As Ross Perot says, "It's up to you".

(Just so you have some basis to venture an opinion, we're beginning the last section of the Body Bestiary now - with Volume 26 - and have around 15 more poems to go.)