Crime Report

Voice Card  -  Volume 27  -  Drury Card Number 10  -  Fri, Feb 26, 1993 10:06 PM

This is a response to VC 27 Janine 4 ("Book 'em Danno!")...

[Editor's note: I received the following note online from Drury, and since it seemed such an eerie parallel to Janine's experience, I thought it best to include it here as a voice card.]

It has been a nerve-racking week. My receptionist and I walked into a burgerly-in-progress at our neighboring clock shop. We both heard a woman scream, and without even thinking to consider why, we ran into their shop.

No woman, only a very odd male customer. I was right at his face, asking him who screamed and trying to look in the back of their shop. He was acting strange enough that Shannon and I backed out of the store. I ran to the office and called the police (who wanted to know what the guy was wearing like I even noticed - all I saw was his face) and Shannon went to the lab on the other side to watch.

Sure enough, the woman who worked there came running out and screaming for help. He apparently hit her and threatened more if she made any more noise. He got six dollars. We all go in to pick the slug out of a line-up next week. I hope they really got him!

Shakey birdies