Hello Card  -  Volume 27  -  Holly Card Number 0  -  Tue, Jan 5, 1993 8:40 PM


It's good to be back. It's hard to believe four yrs (maybe 3-1/2) have gone by since last I met with you. Hello to those of you I haven't met before.

Don't worry - I'm not going to do a complete update on my *exciting* life on this hello card, alot of my responses to your cards will probably do that.

I thought I'd introduce myself to the newer members. I first heard about Archipelago through Paul when it was still a twinkle in John's eye. I wrote a "suck-up" letter to John to say I would really like to be a member. At that time I was foot loose and fancy free and I packed up and moved out of my folks house (finally) in SLC and moved to San Jose where I lived for the first issues. Fortunately I lived in a house with a Mac.

Surprisingly I was married and had to drop out, three kids but no Mac. One day my seemingly impulsive husband (seemingly because he thinks about things long before he tells me so he just looks impulsive, mostly) said, "Let's go to Springfield and buy a computer!" Springfield is 1 1/2 hours away so its no easy impulse, especially when we discovered there was no mouse! So, we did and here I am.

I am an Army wife and mom. I have three step-children, Josh, 11 and Marjorie and Elisabeth, 9 and Bob, 1 1/2. Bob is our Desert Storm baby who we were planning on anyway its just that Mr. Hussein moved the schedule forward. Don't let the term step-children prejudice you, if you came to visit you would never guess that we were a step family except for the kids saying things like, "Mom, when I was visiting mom we did this ..." They address each of us as mom and refer to each of us as mom to each other, got it? I am very pleased at the way things have worked out. We are happy and well.

I am active in the AMEDD Auxiliary (All MeDical Departments Auxiliary). We liberated ourselves this year from the tradition of being a wives' club and now have male members (pun acknowledged).

I also deliver the post newspaper once a week. Presently I have a route of 650 but in the fall I did two routes. I would fold while the kids got ready for school so they could watch Bob then I would nurse him and put him down for a morning nap and finish folding the papers. I'd throw Bob in his car seat and take off. Paper day used to be on Fridays and the highlight of the day was listening to Software Hardtalk on the radio with John C. Dvorak. Bob is not quite so cooperative with his naps so I gave up one route. I really enjoy it. When I told my mom she said, "Well, (pause) maybe you can work your way up." I really do enjoy my little paper route.

I am self concious about talking about myself so much but John says that is a normal part of this group. I see myself as probably the most conservative member of the group which is ok. I had planned on contributing more but I want to get this off to command central so hopefully next time.....