Barney update

Voice Card  -  Volume 27  -  Larry Card Number 14  -  Wed, Jan 27, 1993 7:43 PM

Subsequent to my "Barney" card we learned that Barney would be making an appearance at the Discovery Zone (a children's playland) in Fremont. So, of course I took Kristin to see him. Even though it wasn't the "real" Barney, Kristin had a great time. All she could say afterwards was "Kristin hug Barney.'' She did get to give him a couple of hugs.

But the place was a madhouse. Fortunately, we got there earlier enough to avoid the crowds and were among the first fifty kids to see Barney. When we left, the line to get in was easily two blocks long, with no available parking spots in the mall in which Discovery Zone is located.

And all of this with no real advertising that Barney would be there. All Discovery Zone would admit to was that there would be a special guest. Thousands of people arrived to see Barney.