Little House

Voice Card  -  Volume 28  -  Holly Card Number 11  -  Sat, May 1, 1993 3:10 PM

Last Saturday we went to Mansfield, Mo to visit Laura Ingalls Wilder's house. It was a very long drive but pretty, off the main highway through cattle ranches.

The town, of course, plays on the connection with Nellie's restaurant and Wilder days every third Saturday in September. (Mom wondered how many Saturdays September has.)

There were signs through town guiding you to the house. The house was on a small hill, with very well kept grounds. It was very pleasant looking from the outside. A white farm house with a view.

First, we went into a small museum with clothes and artifacts of Laura's or her familiy's. There were handcrafts that she had made, her wedding dress (she was short), Pa's violin, Mary's writing tools and many items of Laura's daughter who was also a writer (in S.F.). Oh - there was even a picture of Laura at Mt. Tamalpais.

The house seemed smaller than what we had thought from the outside. It had a nice porch going around it. In her kitchen she had a wood stove and an electric stove. She used the electric in the summer but preferred the wood stove because food didn't taste right on the electric.

The other room I was impressed with was the living room with a small library off of it.

The thing that really interested me was that one of Pa's violins was made by Amati. An Amati violin is second only to Stradivarious. I couldn't get much more on that but I wonder how he came by it out on the Prairie.

I was quite pleased with our little trip. Oh yes, there is a bookstore where you can buy all of the books and other souvenirs.