Barney, Barney, Barney

Voice Card  -  Volume 28  -  Holly Card Number 7  -  Wed, Mar 31, 1993 1:19 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 27 Larry 5 ("Barney")...

Barney was not meant to be appreciated by the 20-something or 30-something, etc-something crowds so I will admit that I have an aversion to Barney but as a


I don't mind Bob watching him. In fact I would rather Bob watch Barney than some of the strange and horrible cartoons that are on. Barney is good for the one-something crowd. As Larry says the shows are calm and I can only stand so much of the short-attention span S Street (I do like the operas).

Another thing I like about Barney is the shows take place in a classroom with the alphabet above the chalkboard and all the school paraphenalia that looks familiar so perhaps it helps preschoolers get used to the environment.

But I don't need another stuffed animal in this house!!!!!!!!!