More Barney

Voice Card  -  Volume 28  -  Holly Card Number 9  -  Sat, May 1, 1993 2:28 PM

We listen to a radio show on APR called WHAT DO YOU KNOW. The host, Michael Feldman, is the father of a two (approx) year old girl. For quite some time he has referred to Barney with moaning and groaning. Apparently one week he played a tape of Barney singing. The next week a mother wrote in with a delightful letter that I wish I could quote verbatim but I can't so the gist is...

She loves listening to Michael's show on Sat mornings. She get up early, does her work, gets the kids settled, makes herself a cup of tea and sits down to listen to "What do you know" on her nice entertainment system radio. The week he played the tape one of the kids happened to hear it and said, "Hey Barney's on the radio!"

Of course all of the other kids ran in and when the mother could not get the kids to believe that Barney was not on the radio, they began changing the dial to find him. She was forced to retire to another room with a very substandard radio while they searched for Barney. She wrote Michael Feldman to request that he think about the consequences of his actions before he acts and if he played Barney again she was going to send the kids to him.