The Angel Ardently Ached

Voice Card  -  Volume 28  -  John Card Number 3  -  Wed, May 19, 1993 1:21 AM

The picture at left is a feeble representation of part of a post card I received from Stuart. The card itself consists of a glorious color illustration of an angel and an alligator with words artfully arranged below: "An angel ardently ached to know."

On the back of the postcard is the following blurb: "An Angel Ardently Ached to Know is Stuart L.'s set of alphabetically ordered alliterative poems illustrated by Evangelia Philippidis. Each copy is housed in a clamshell box and bound in a non-glue structure that allows dissembling of each letter's individual signature. Limited to 300 copies signed by the author and the illustrator."

Somewhere in Ohio there are people standing in line waiting to shill out a small fortune for the priviledge of reading some of the very same poems we Archipelagoans have been quietly treasuring for years!

For those of you lucky enough to own color Macs, I have included a color scan of this postcard as a separate gift.