Bug Patrol

Voice Card  -  Volume 28  -  John Card Number 6  -  Mon, May 31, 1993 4:21 PM

This is a response to VC 28 Paul 8 ("Bug time")...


The bug you found was rather obscure. As far as I can tell, the "No such card" message only appears if the help key (not help button) is invoked from the My Contributions stack (not from a voice volume) under certain conditions. It involved some of the most arcane features of Hypertalk: bogus suspend messages arising during menu trapping from a temporarily invoked library stack. ANYWAY, it was a tricky little bug and I have swatted it (I think!). I trust you will let me know if you ever see such a message again.

Your other wish has been granted. Pressing the NEW CARD button from the index of the latest voice volume OR from the monopoly board screen will defualt to "Opening Message" only until a hello card has been created; after that the default will be "New Voice Card." I could have set the default to "New Voice Card" under all conditions, but I prefer to nudge the users into creating that all-important hello card.

Incidentally, there was never any danger in selecting "Opening Message" after the card has already been created. If the hello card is already present, selecting "Opening Message" from any New Card button will simply transport you to that existing hello card.