Hello Card  -  Volume 28  -  Larry Card Number 0  -  Tue, May 4, 1993 11:05 PM

Quite dastardly of John to make this issue of Archipelago due the Monday after the weekend after income tax due date. Most of my free time before that date was spend trying to figure out how we could avoid a huge tax bill - I failed. We try to withhold so that we don't pay or owe much come tax time. Last year tho, we refinanced our house, resulting in a significantly reduced interest deduction. Also, Diane taught at San Jose State U. and no withholding was taken from her income. Painful.

Once that was over, we attempted to end our almost year-long effort to buy a new house, and not insignificantly, sell our current house. Finally last weekend, we put an offer on a brand new house, the developer's of which will buy ours if we buy theirs. Unfortunately, they rejected our first offer just today. So now begins the painful bargaining phase. Hopefully, by the next issue of Archipelago, we will be in a new home.

The pregnancy enters its sixth month. Diane's obstetrician is annoyed with her because she has only gained 2 pounds so far, as opposed to 20 pounds at a similar point in the first pregnancy. However, the new one is bigger the Kristin, so he isn't being hurt yet. So, Diane is trying to eat more.

"So it goes."