New Thoughts

Voice Card  -  Volume 28  -  Yumi Card Number 3  -  Mon, Apr 12, 1993 14:59

This is ONE OF 3 responses to VC 27 Larry 16 ("What's right?")...

As I mentioned in my previous card, I am back in school and in one of my classes, we are discussing the very programs you mentioned in your voice card. Since the program is designed to give a broad overview of the research and changes being made in education today, a lot of the issues you brought up are being discussed in may class. Thankfully, my fellow classmates are open to new suggestions and perhaps this is an indication that our education system will go through some dramatic changes (for the better I hope) in the future.

A good friend of mine has a sister who's son is currently involved in Head Start. Knowing what I know about this youngster's home life, I know for certain that without Head Start, he would be in terrible shape. As it is, because he lives with his Grandmother, who controls his mother completely, he already has a large number of insecurities and fears.

When his grandmother is not around, he will eat whatever is on his plate, speak in an articulate manner, and generally act his full age (4 yrs old). When his Grandmother is around, he reverts to speaking in baby talk, will not eat what is on his plate without being fed, and cannot even put his own jacket on. He will stand there waiting for his Grandmother to tell him what to do. His Grandmother makes me so mad, but I am powerless to fix the situation.

Thankfully the boy's mother, who got pregnant at a young age, is going back to school to get her high school diploma. Maybe she will be able to gather the courage to move out from under her dominating mother. I keep encouraging her to continue in school. Until she is able to function on her own, Head Start is giving her son the chance to succeed that she may not have had due to the way her mother raised her.

All I know, is that if I had a mother like this domineering Grandmother, I would not have gotten as far as I have. I cannot believe how insignificant she makes her daughter feel. I strongly believe that while Head Start may not be the answer for all children, it does work!!!