More on Solitaire

Voice Card  -  Volume 29  -  Suzanne Card Number 3  -  Fri, Aug 6, 1993 1:07 PM


Your solitaire experiment is really quite an amazing project. I'm impressed that it functions so well - I haven't been able to find anything at all that I'd call a bug - and the detailing is exquisite, from your silhouette on the screen to the dramatic sound effects. And it's just so perfectly Ponarvian.

One annoyance - The deck always stops just at the end, so when you go through it again you have to start exactly from the beginning rather than having the program count out a final group of three and cut into the beginning at a different point. The way the program is set up, it's very difficult to get at the first two cards in the deck. Actually, it's progressively more difficult to get at the unexposed cards the closer you are to the beginning of the deck.

[Editor's note: see VC 29 John 7].

Anyway, I've played many games now, all in the spirit of making my important contribution to science. And my experience with this has altered my strategy theories and advice. I believe now that making moves totally based on intuition is probably best. A good way to improve at the game might be to develop one's psychic powers. Meditation is supposed to be good for this, or maybe someone else might be able to suggest some better way to improve one's psychic capabilities.