Dream Job

Voice Card  -  Volume 29  -  Suzanne Card Number 8  -  Sun, Aug 15, 1993 12:59 PM


I think it was the last issue in which you mentioned that your ideal job would be as some kind of a reader. I just remembered seeing a movie several years ago called La Lectrice or L'Ectrice or something like that (meaning, in French, the reader). It's in French with English subtitles and stars Mieu-Mieu, who dreams of reading for a living.

I'm sure my memory of it isn't absolutely accurate anymore, but the gist of it is that Mieu-Mieu puts an ad in the newspaper saying that she is a professional reader and available for any kind of reading work. She does this expecting nothing but instead receives several responses from people who want her to come to their homes and read to them. So begins the launching of her new career.

There's a sweet boy in a wheelchair, a lecherous married man, and an older woman who can't communicate with her daughter and some other "clients" I can't remember. As she reads to them, she begins to get involved in their lives, and all of these people want more from her than to be read to. It was a touching, quirky movie that I really enjoyed, and I thought maybe you'd appreciate it if you could find it for rent on video somewhere.