Voice Card  -  Volume 30  -  Holly Card Number 11  -  Wed, Nov 3, 1993 7:02 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 29 Janine 1 ("Complex vs Hard")...

You make some good points Janine.

I notice that the advertisements for a lot of software promote the idea that one doesn't need an expert because the software itself is the expert. Software seems to be a unique self-help item, I wonder how much software is purchased and then not used like exercise bikes, and mini-tramps.

Then there are the people who are hooked on computers but are not paid programmers. They just KNOW this program will do this fantastic thing and they stay with it until the computer does it. They waste a lot of their company's time not doing what they are paid to do but they made a really neat sign to hang in the lunch room. I've seen a few of these and I've been one too.