Who doesn't?

Voice Card  -  Volume 30  -  Holly Card Number 6  -  Sat, Oct 23, 1993 11:18 AM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 29 John 10 ("Never Met a Voice Card...")...


When I was a kid my mom made jello pudding for dessert. Not Cosby's instant but the kind you had to stir forever before it thickened. She would put Cool Whip on top - I remember the sensation of the hot and cold at the same time.

That's what Archipelago reminds me of. I feel very alone but in a crowd too. When I'm at the computer by myself especially when everyone else is in bed I feel wickedly self-indulgent. I am exposing myself to you all but the embarassment is delayed.

Responding to cards is one thing but to actually CREATE a card that is not a response is very frightening. Sometimes I write cards not for ya'll but for myself, for self-reflection.

Archipelago is frightening but it is also very safe. I feel safe writing my thoughts to all of you because we have created a welcome, safe atmosphere in which we can agree, disagree, look smart and look dumb and it's ok.

As I tell my kids (and myself) it's ok to feel fear but not ok to let it stop you (unless continuing would be harmful).

Roger - go for it!!!