"Miss Elephant"

Voice Card  -  Volume 30  -  Stuart Card Number 4  -  Thu, Nov 25, 1993 9:04 PM

Here is the "E" wordplay poem. Normally, I'd asked you to expand the text field to get the effect of the full lineation, but hopefully they'll be an accompanying illustration in the left hand side of this voice card. If not, expand away, friends.

Miss Elephant

Once, at the earthen edge of the endless sea
As I entered sleep, there sailed past me
A seemingly empty, elongated boat
So filled with echoes it could barely float.

But an ermine and an elf in an edelweiss coat,
And an eagle and eel eating eggplant purée,
Were in that boat on the edge of the sea,
The edge of the edge of the endless sea.

And behind their boat, in a boat that they towed,
Her Eminence, Miss Elephant, rowed and rowed
In an Easter egg shell (or was it a bell
That was made from chocolate with that edible smell?).
Miss Elephant wore earmuffs and an embroidered hat,
And she was elegantly escorted by a ebony cat
And a flock of egrets as white as the fog,
When I saw an eclair-eating Eskimo dog
Whose boat was a bobbing eucalyptus tree log.

By now, from the starry eaves the evening had ebbed,
And I could barely keep open the eyes in my head,
As I grew sleepy, and more sleepy, and sleepier still. . .
When I was carried beyond my window sill

By the egrets over the endless sea,
Past the edge of the edge of the edge of the sea,
The edge of the endless sea.