When Giraffe's Neck Grew

Voice Card  -  Volume 30  -  Stuart Card Number 6  -  Thu, Nov 25, 1993 9:11 PM

When Giraffe's Neck Started to Grow

When her neck stretched, and her head seemed to fly,
And the gazelles wept and said "Goodbye!",

Gibbon looked up, then said to me:
"Will her neck stretch past the galaxy?"

As her neck stretched further, it galloped past
The gigantic mountains with their glaciers, like glass,

While the gorilla cowboys of Gimbago
Tried to rope Giraffe's head with their old lassos.

And Moon, as if he had seen a ghost,
Said "Gosh, Giraffe, don't get too close!"

Then Goose took a rocket to Betelgeuse star,
To report, "Giraffe's neck just stretched past Mars!"

Oh we gawked, as her neck grew to the great beyond,
Except for Goldfish swimming in her pond,
Who had no idea what was going on,
no idea
what was going on.