"The Achoo"

Voice Card  -  Volume 30  -  Stuart Card Number 8  -  Thu, Nov 25, 1993 9:19 PM

Finally, as a sort of Christmas stocking stuffer gift, I've asked John to include a postcard which the publisher of AN ANGEL ARDENTLY ACHED TO KNOW printed. It features a color print (for those of you without color monitors) of the picture that john digitized into archipelago two issues ago.

Here is the poem that goes with that picture (Now, for this poem you can expand the text field to get the proper lineation):

The "Achoo!"

     An angel ardently ached to know,
With an adder, an ape, and the April snow,

   What are all these "Achoos!" about,
     These aimless, ashen, artsy "Achoos!?"

They jump from your nose through the chimney flues!
     They amble up Al the Alligator's snout,
   Then Alice's, Audrey's, and Abe the boy scout's!

   They asked, "Where after all did you get your 'Achoo!',
     Where did you get your 'Achoo!'"?