Hello Card  -  Volume 30  -  Suzanne Card Number 0  -  Thu, Nov 11, 1993 7:49 PM

As predicted, I am making this issue's entries from a new abode, not very far in distance from the last place yet it seems like a universe away. It's a pleasant apartment with high ceilings, a fireplace, a deck and a magnificent view of the downtown San Francisco skyline. It's way too expensive, but I guess my logic was that if I was going to feel crummy over ending this latest relationship of mine, then I'd probably feel less crummy in a nice place than in a crummy place that was just too expensive on a more moderate level.

It was a sad move. Even the next-door neighbor cried and said she was going to keep this book of mine she'd borrowed so she'd have an excuse to come and visit me in the new place - although that was now over a month ago and she hasn't yet returned the book.

It's been hard for me to adjust. For one thing, life alone is a lot more expensive. For another, you're alone. I used to like being alone. I don't know what happened. Dating hell doesn't seem very appealing somehow. Maybe I'll get a cat.