Hello Card  -  Volume 30  -  Yumi Card Number 0  - 

Hello everyone!

Well, I realize that I have not really been involved with Archipelago since April so I guess a little summary of the events which have transpired is in order.

In May, about 3 weeks before finals, Steve decided that he did not want to get married. (It is for the best, although I am lonely, I am happier ) I managed to finish out the quarter with flying colors and I moved into a new apartment the middle of June. (At least I got to keep the Mac )

In the middle of July, I discovered that I missed the G.P.A. cut off to get accepted into the second phase of the teaching credential program by .03. (This is after 4 A's and a B+ the previous quarter.) Oh well, so I had to pay for my mistakes during my undergrad years. I scrambled to find a class which would fit into my schedule in order to bring up my G.P.A. and had to take a correspondence course on Learning Styles. What a nightmare. My learning style did not lend itself to learning about learning styles by myself.

I got back together with my high school sweetheart, then we decided to call it quits due to distance when I went home to visit my folks. My trip home to visit my folks was miserable to say the least. I'll write more in another card.

But... I brought my G.P.A. up, I've made two really good friends. I might have a job by the end of the week so some of my financial woes will be resolved. Classes are almost over, and its snowing as I type this card!!!!

Life is looking up! Happy Holidays to all!!!!